Attention: Everyone Who Is Disorganized by Nature and Has Resigned Themselves to The Resulting Chaos...

You've ALWAYS been disorganized
I can FIX IT

You've tried to get organized a squidzillion times and none of them have ever worked...

You may have even given up hope, but still...

It stresses you out
and impacts your health
It steals your time
and makes you work long hours
It limits your ability to make money
and costs you customers and promotions
You hate it
and you don't know how to fix it

The solution?  Organizationology:
the science of being organized, simply, easily, elegantly

From The Desk of Liz Davenport:

I was born legally blind.

I was born legally blind.  My vision is 20/360 (what you can see at a quarter of a mile, I can't see till I'm about 20 feet away!)  Fortunately for me I was born this way and it's all I've ever known so I've always been able to function.  So much so that when I was in third grade, my parents and I were driving on the highway to my grandparent's farm for summer vacation.  Dad said "Let's play the license plate game."  

The goal is to try to find license plates from all 50 states.  Well, my dad saw some first and my mom saw some first, but I never saw anything first.  Finally my dad said "Why aren't you calling any of these?" and I said "Because you always see them before I do."  Dad said "Tell me when you can read the plate on this next car"  So we got closer, and we got closer, and we got closer and finally, just as we were passing it I said "I think it says Minnesota."  

Well, my parents turned to each other in total disbelief!  Here they were with a child who was virtually blind and nobody ever noticed!

So what does being blind have to do with organizing?

So, what's this got to do with organizing?  Disorganized people rely heavily on their ability to look for things, and I don't have that skill.  And, being disorganized by nature (the right brained, creative type) I inadvertently invented the disorganized organizing system.  I had to create systems so I could find things later or Barbie would have never been wearing two of the same colored shoes!

20 years later, I'm a blind secretary

Skip forward 20 years and there I am, a secretary to a department of 64 people and doing a fabulous job.  Of course none of my systems looked anything like what all the other secretary's systems looked like.  But, mine were simple, easy and THEY WORKED.  Skip ahead another 20 years and a friend said to me "You're so organized.  Please help me organize my home office."  I did and, voila, Order from Chaos was born!  So, when people ask me how long I've been helping people get organized I answer "All my life."

The "disorganized persons" organizing system

Order from Chaos is the disorganized persons organizing system.  

We, the disorganized:

  • don't think like organized people, 
  • we don't work like organized people and 
  • we don't use the same systems that organized people use. 
  • We need OUR systems.

"It's great to be more organized and more efficient at work."

Thank you Liz Davenport.  There are no more cracks for projects to fall through.  Now there is only the conscious decision of what to do and what not to do.   Sure, it's great to be more organized and more efficient at work, but it's especially liberating to decide what doesn't get done and to know that the only reason it doesn't get done is because other projects took higher priority.

~ Mike Jordan, Director of Circulation, Los Angeles Business Journal, Los Angeles, CA

Organizationology: the science of being organized, simply, easily, elegantly

What is it? My "Order from Chaos" [Organizationology] - Organizing Webinar Series

  • 12 simple, easy to follow, step-by-step webinars, 1 delivered every week for 12 weeks
  • 15-20 minute video each week
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  • of the 6-Steps broken down into small, action size portions.

In my "genius - Order from Chaos" system you'll cover:

  • You like to make piles, don't you?  In Lesson 7 you'll learn how to never ever start another pile ever again.
  • You save way too much crap, don't you?  In Lesson 2 you'll learn the three questions you need to ask of everything in your office to easily identify and eliminate the 95% of your stuff that is really trash.
  • You have trouble keeping up with things, don't you?  In Lesson 11 you'll learn the four things each day (take no more than 10 minutes) that will keep your entire system running effortlessly.
  • Studies show that most business people have eight different systems to keep track of what they need to do and where they need to go.  In Lesson 6 you'll learn how to consolidate those eight systems you are currently using into one simple, all encompassing system.
  • Learn how to arrange your office furniture and get an instant increase your productivity?  That's in lesson 3.
  • And, finally (a personal favorite) in Lesson 9 you'll learn how to do eight hours work in two hours with half the mistakes and no stress.

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To YOUR Organizing Success!

Liz Davenport

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"I have recommended your book and classes to friends, family members and business associates."

It is a privilege for me to tell you how much Order from Chaos has helped me in my life!  I happened to find out about you from an article in a local magazine and was then fortunate enough to be right in time for your six-week class!  The rest is history!

I have struggled all my life with disorganization, as have members of my family, and I have searched for years for an answer to my problem.  But all the methods I found didn't really seem to address the core problems and issues of genetically-disorganized people like me.  You do because, as you say, you are one of us.   You understand, and so your plan works for us because it first worked for you!!!

Order From Chaos not only works well, it is simple to follow and it yields results which is the true test of any good program. And I love each additional step along the way.  Just one of your questions, "how will I use this?" instead of "how will I file this?" is worth the price of the book and the class!

Your organization system is the answer to relieving the stress from which most of us suffer.  Removing chaos is not only important, it is crucial to living a healthy lifestyle.  With Order from Chaos, we now have an effective plan to do it.

I have recommended your book and your classes to friends, to business associates, to family members and to people I have met on airplanes because of the results I have seen in my own life.  Thank you SO much for providing the way for me to really change my life in a fundamentally important way, to reduce the stress from living in chaos and clutter, and eliminate the paper piles once and for all. Organization sets people free!  Thanks for the freedom! You're the Best!

~ Terry Marie Klein

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